Maintenance advices 

Wood is a relatively sensitive material; it can bend or even crack if not looked after properly. Although, all appropriate measures are taken on construction in order for the material to be correctly dried and processed, and we choose one by one the best pieces that our suppliers have to offer, here issome adviceto keep your unique item in good shape for many years to come.


Boards– Bowls – Kitchenware


  • Do not put wooden items in the dishwasher.
  • Prefer natural (non-chemical) soaps and avoid hot water when cleaning.
  • Dry your wooden item on a surface with slight inclination, so that the water will slide down. This way the item will not be soaking in its waters.
  • You can refresh the look of your wood by rubbing it with aclean cloth using beeswax or just oil.
  • For even more thorough maintenance, you can get a P120 and a P220 sandpaper. Firstly, you rub gently the entire piece with the P120, and then with the P220. You finish off with beeswax or oil as described above.


Tables – Furniture


  • Avoid chlorine or other strong detergents when cleaning. We mainly use oils instead of chemical paints for the finishing of the table, therefore a detergent could harm the looks of your wood.
  • Keep in mind that the sun and water are the worst enemies of wood. Of course, it is not possible to avoid them when having a beautiful wooden table in your yard, but you can try covering it during winter, and accept that at some point the color of the wood might change due to exposure to sun rays.


You can always send us your beloved item for maintenance. The cost will depend on the size, condition, etc.