About Us

The Artisan

It all started at his early childhood, when Yiannis liked to craft small boats from sea washed wood and reed, and then continued during his adolescence when he constructed his first wooden spearfishing gun.

His love for craftsmanship brought him after college to work in a local carpentry, and at his very first day at work he knew that this was his destiny.

Coming to 6 years ago till today, his dream for a business that would create art pieces utilizing wood from local sustainable produce came true.

Welcome to Wood Works Mochlos!

Our Materials

Since we are located in beautiful Crete Island, we are lucky to have access to premium quality olive wood, which we process from the moment it is cut until it becomes a beautiful bowl or a stunning table, and we also take care of the drying process on our own premises.

Most of our wood is sourced from Greece (90% comes from Crete) in order to reduce our CO2 footprint from heavy transfers, but also because we take very personally the quality of wood and we inspect every piece, one by one, before we purchase them from our suppliers.

Some of our woods are re-cycled; you could have a cypress table from an old cottage roof, or a black mulberry board from an old boat. We recycle, we reuse, we reduce our carbon footprint.


What We Do

In a particular and autonomous manner, we design, produce and trade unique handmade creations from wood.

We specialize in tables & boards made from olive wood and epoxy, and also solid wood furniture and homeware.

Most of the objects that you will find in our webpage are past projects, yet do not hesitate to contact us directly and order a similar item. We will also be glad to hear from you in order to give life to the cupboard or table that you have been dreaming of.

All our creations are custom made so you will never have to worry about asking precisely what you want in shape, size, quality or color.

Besides, this is exactly what we do!