Wood Works Mochlos

- workshop based in the scenic Mochlos village in Crete, Greece.

All of our products are handcrafted in our atelier in Crete, always using reclaimed and re-purposed woods. Every single item: tablebowlboard is created from scratch and we make each one as if it was made for our own household. Each piece of wood is hand-picked for its unique purpose based on its grain and character. [ We ] prep and create all of our items meticulously, from fabrication until the finishing routine so that it will be perfect.

Our Wood Works pieces are made with passion and detail to reflect their own individual character.


OLWBRC 224 – Board, Olive Wood

OLWBSQ 11 – Olive Wood Board

OLWBRE 18 – Board, Olive Wood

OLWBSPE 11 – Olive Wood Board Sparkling Epoxy